As difficult as it is to summarize a lifestyle in a few rules, we will try to list the main characteristics of the Classy Man or Gentleman.

We won’t mention aspects that we now take for granted, such as taking care of your personal hygiene. 

This cannot be a requirement for a Classy Man but a ‘prerequisite’ for every person who lives in a social context..

So let’s see how a true Gentleman must be and act:

1. He behaves with style in every situation

  • He’s always punctual for appointments
  • He knows how to sit at the table with elegance
  • He knows how to be a ‘knight’ with those he loves and courteous with everyone

2. Dignity, honesty and honour mark his every move

  • He knows how to assert his rights, but never in an irresponsible or arrogant way
  • He is honest in his relations with others and shuns deception and lies
  • He honours commitments and greatly values giving one’s word

3. He has self-control

  • He appreciates a good wine but doesn’t drink to excess
  • He doesn’t react with anger to rudeness or insults
  • He knows when to act and when to walk away

4. He knows how to be respectful and pleasant

  • Knows how to treat the people he entertains with attentiveness and courtesy
  • He doesn’t use his phone when he has company or at the table
  • He knows how to converse by appropriately choosing the topics based on the other person and their interests

5. He does not boast about himself or show off

  • He avoids showing off what he possesses or what his economic or social status allows him to do
  • He never boasts of his results or successes
  • He never makes others feel embarrassed

6. He knows how to listen and make others feel important

  • He always looks into the eyes of the person he is speaking to
  • He listens to others carefully
  • He does not have preconceptions and can recognize other points of view

7. He expresses himself correctly and is never vulgar

  • He knows how to speak properly and with a moderate tone of voice
  • He never uses vulgar words or inappropriate remarks
  • He doesn’t offend or belittle the ideas of others

8. He is reserved but not detached

  • He never dwells on his personal problems or troubles
  • He never complains about his condition or his situation but, where appropriate, calmly exposes the facts and his evaluations
  • He always answers the questions that he is asked without getting annoyed

9. He is not selfish but generous and reliable

  • He always takes into consideration the problems of others with sincere interest and, when he can, he gives impartial opinions and advice
  • He helps others as much as possible without making his contribution weigh
  • He is always available but never intrusive. Those who are close to him know they can count on him.

10. He cares about his appearance and image

  • He always dresses appropriately for the occasion with elegance, without going over the top
  • He stays in good physical shape by exercising and maintains a weight appropriate to his body and age
  • He takes care of his face and body with suitable and natural products for men, he uses subtle scents and never excessively

Finally, a true Gentleman never claims to be one