The classy man

The classy man

People love those with class. They are attracted by their personality, how they behave in every situation, how they deal with problems and their ability to establish relationships with others.

Those who have class are sought after and appreciated by everyone, and everyone seeks personal and work relationships with them.

So having class helps you succeed and express your personality. 


Being a ‘classy’ person or, as they say, a true ‘Gentleman’, is an acknowledgment that comes from others and sums up an overall assessment of how others perceive you.


But what does it mean to ‘be classy’?

It’s impossible to explain in a few words what it means to be Classy, but above all else, it means having respect for oneself, it means taking care of your appearance and image. 

Of course, this is not enough.



More than anything else, the Classy Man is demanding of himself. He knows how to appear serene and positive because he is never satisfied with who he is and always wants to improve himself, surpass his limits, and help and encourage others to do the same.

Being classy means knowing how to always find the right balance in everything and every situation, it means using the right tone in conversations, respecting others and their ideas, having a generous soul, never being vulgar or aggressive, and never raising your voice.

The classy man always thinks before speaking and looks at the world and things with balance and serenity. He knows how to see opportunities where others see only obstacles and darkness

Being classy means distinguishing yourself from others, having personality, being admired and being appreciated for who you are and not just how you appear.


Some people think that class is an innate gift, but often this is just an excuse, so they can attribute their failures to fate. This isn’t the case.

Class is the result of a strict education and an ironclad discipline, practiced over time until it becomes natural.

It’s the result of a constant commitment to improving as well as the high standards expected from others, but first of all, from oneself.

Class is an intangible dimension that encloses and synthesizes much of who we are.


Our image speaks for us. Our clothing, our look, our way of moving or smiling or walking.

Even before meeting us, others see and appreciate our image.

Only later do they realise that the image simply reflects who we are.

So the image is the first story we tell about ourselves.


Taking care of your body, your clothing and your image is the first step to making others perceive your class.


There is no single way to be classy, just like there is not just one route to success. However, some ingredients are certainly essential.

In the next article, we will describe the 10 essential rules to be a Classy Man, a true Gentleman.

These are not absolute truths, but guidelines that everyone can build on or customize and enrich.

Because another essential requirement of the Classy Man is not to be the same as others.

Every one of us is unique, a true Gentleman certainly is.